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Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010 @ 03.05
no such thing
yeah i have been a bad blogger! SORRY :( busy like bee lately and it's pretty tiring! people keep asking me, why am i changing? i don't feel any changes (!) or i just don't realize :P then i keep saying weathers do change too, and so do i :)

*sigh* i feel pissed off last thursday! alex still on his pout, and i feel pissed when we keep arguing! and when i act 'up to you and leave him' he told me that i am such an ignorant one :( again i feel bad towards him!

hey, here comes my wishlist for this coming CNY :
1. all the good things come to daddy, mommy, nyo and ken :)
2. people keep loving me the way i am :)
3. be better ahead :)
4. my proposal could be accepted.
5. alex's forgiveness and we never arguing again :( miss you badly
6. i want the used to MAO!
7. happiness around my corner and hope it will kiss my last year pain away :P
8. me and tiffany could meet each other ASAP! i miss her hihih :)
9. new worn-out black canvas shoes!!
10. buying Jasper new converse shoes with my name written with felt-tip marker on the canvas :D BRILLIANTE!

OKAY, it's 10! ENOUGH:)

i was shocked! HAHA! my sprlvs is now in relationship! and of course with giegie! *evil smile* there's something behind this story!! HAHAHA!

P.S : i met Jerry last Monday! he is tall and i am just look like petite monkey! :( hihihih, nice hang out huh? though it's a bit pumping my adrenaline! besides, i was off from office :P

okay, BYE now! i am about going to chat with Hendry now.. he is such a funny one :) and Alex too, hiksss :'(


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peace of mind asking for forgiveness is not easy HEARTLESS (!) WEEKEND!! just drop by! i miss daddy! i realize make me smile! geez, just woke up from my sleep! tired and fall a... not a very busy day ☺