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Minggu, 31 Januari 2010 @ 05.41
blogwalker! sorry for abandoning you lately coz i was really not in the mood writing blog :P

okay! it's not a good start actually.. as i know that alex was getting mad at me just now, coz i didn't reply his sms, tweets and i didn't answer his call too! i know that it was wrong to ignore him since he was worried bout me and i am just too lazy for explanation bout 'relationship stuff' :( my bad

and for sure, he will still on his pout till the next 3 or 4 day or even a week HAHA, oh c'mon lex, it drives me crazy if i don't get any joke from you!! I AM SORRY ALEX LAY represents everything!

and today i had a great day with my dad! i acc-ed him buying new shirts for CNY and he looks good in grey!

thanks to bumblebee a.k.a tiffs for your good words and bestie's caring today, i'll treasure it! and i've just realized how much i miss her, our childhood and our covo! smell you on this coming September!

tomorrow i'll be busy slaving myself! but if we think about it and as long as we have something to do (that we like of course) then it feels like weekend is just a day away!! hope it will be a beautiful monday! :D

p.s : TONS OF LAUGHTER when jerry sent me an sms told me that the saloon was having the off-day today, and he had his trimming to be cancelled, good job doggy HAHAHA! *smooch till ur face full of my saliva* YAIKSS he needs bucket right beside him!

-epe chinatic-
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