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Minggu, 11 April 2010 @ 04.22
second chance is more than enough
actually i hate to give a second chance to people who ever did wrong to me. (but) it's an exception for him. i gave him another chance, wishing he could change. but 'nuff said he was totally ruined it again.

two days ago, yeah he asked me : when will you say YES to me?? :( FYI. i am not a nice person when people ask for another chance! and for me, second chance is more than enough for another try! no more another try, coz the same old mistakes will keep happening. :( not a great fan of broken heart!

and i've been too busy the whole week, coz my workmate was on her medical leave :( AGHERAMA!

oh hell yeah, i am now so into twitter. i tweet much! blame twitter :)

i miss chatting with maomao! as always :(


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