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Senin, 22 Maret 2010 @ 04.08
lovely march :)
sorry for being a bad blogger lately, hikss. there's an error on my blog, it's about the template.

yeah, last week i was on my birthday. truly said, i was happy but not as happy as last year :( i couldn't fulfill his request which he wanted me to visit him to mothertown. i just can't leave office since i was new there. i hope he understand.

but thankss a bunch for him for the free tix to Jakarta :) and here's the story bout my birthday.

uhmm. 12 sharp 14th March 2010, sprlvs (andreas) yes he was the first caller, so glad to hear his voice! ah this sick guy always make me laugh! thanks for the wish! what a wish? hope plynn always stay on her weight!! nyeeh =,=

then my northern star (him), guess what? he sang me 'happy birthday' song in Mandarin version. wow o.O it's just like last year :) hahahaha i laughed out loud when he was singing it. #butterfly in my stomach. thanks for the effort!

on 14th March in the morning, i attended the wishing candle event at Aryaduta Hotel with meggie, mellisa, and nelly. I brought Anwar to accompany me, yess he was late and i waited patiently at the lobby, it's about half an hour! effing bored but he seemed nice to me. aw..

oopsy, i am going to have my dinner! inyi minyii :)

P.S : i love this! Stereophonics - Could you be the one? check it out

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