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Rabu, 17 Februari 2010 @ 10.37
not a fan of long-goodbye
NYAA! i've learned something for long goodbye! no call, no hug, no hair-caress, no embrace. I am too bad when it comes to goodbye.

this morning, Jasper was leaving Medan to continue his study at KL, and that's why i can't make a phone call with him this morning, and i didn't come to his house last nite! ARGH, i was bad one. If he read this he must be laughing to death when he knows me crying coz of him!! BYE good buddy of mine, i'll try to fulfill ur request to send you pair of converse written my name on it!! :)

and Jerry was leaving to Sings this morning for medical check-up before he goes back to Oz. He was dealing with his mind yesterday and it came up to have his study majoring in pyschology! niceee :) we've just met once and it's not enough for us to have fun :( hikshiks, hope he'll get back soon

my first working after hols was such a crap, i was busy to the maximum! :( i have no time to put myself into stargazing HAHAHA! and today, time flies so fast hahaha and i was not so-into-bored!

it's almost 2 a.m now, wondering i can't close my eyes! i miss him badly.. i am trying to think about his bad now and i come up with nothing. I'll make sure when he calls me everyday and it's all just about 'just friend' crap :P me craving for his voice!

niteynite, another sleepless nite!
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