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Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010 @ 22.00
twitter brings lots of fun
speaking of twitter, i am now so into twitter! it brings me bunch of info.. i don't need morning newspaper. i can read through kompas, lintas berita etc :)

the good things are : i can tell lots of secret there, since there's not much people are twittering! most people are still using facebook :) and i think people are now moving to twitter! and i am welcoming all tweeples, tweethearts, and tweetroes :D

enough for twitter! this coming week, there's still another goodbye to tell, daddy will go back to mothertown, ARGH the thing is i can't send him to airport :( i hate goodbye!

last thursday, i had a so-called non-dating thing with Edy (i used to have a date with him last two years) and last thursday, he was asking me to have dinner with him. and i think i always have a soft spot for men who know how to make sweet little gestures, he tried to put my little bangs to my ears when i was eating :) and he was holding my hand, not the i'm-gonna-help-you-cross-the-street holding hand or hurry-uo-it's-raining holding hand but it's holding hand holding hand! NYEHH, i was just look like idiot if i still holding his hand, i took my hand away from his palm :)

i have no plan putting myself into relationship this year! i've experienced that Mr.Right can totally turning into Mr. Totally Wrong (tea for two) haha :D

and there's no turning back :)

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Rabu, 17 Februari 2010 @ 10.37
not a fan of long-goodbye
NYAA! i've learned something for long goodbye! no call, no hug, no hair-caress, no embrace. I am too bad when it comes to goodbye.

this morning, Jasper was leaving Medan to continue his study at KL, and that's why i can't make a phone call with him this morning, and i didn't come to his house last nite! ARGH, i was bad one. If he read this he must be laughing to death when he knows me crying coz of him!! BYE good buddy of mine, i'll try to fulfill ur request to send you pair of converse written my name on it!! :)

and Jerry was leaving to Sings this morning for medical check-up before he goes back to Oz. He was dealing with his mind yesterday and it came up to have his study majoring in pyschology! niceee :) we've just met once and it's not enough for us to have fun :( hikshiks, hope he'll get back soon

my first working after hols was such a crap, i was busy to the maximum! :( i have no time to put myself into stargazing HAHAHA! and today, time flies so fast hahaha and i was not so-into-bored!

it's almost 2 a.m now, wondering i can't close my eyes! i miss him badly.. i am trying to think about his bad now and i come up with nothing. I'll make sure when he calls me everyday and it's all just about 'just friend' crap :P me craving for his voice!

niteynite, another sleepless nite!
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Senin, 15 Februari 2010 @ 02.59
so-called nostalgia
vanilla twilight. this song brought me to the old memories! and it went to MAO! what a sudden! i want the used-to MAO.. i miss things with him like : his midnite chat, his laughing, his jokes, his uga-uga, his smile, his 'thx for today & thx god for having you' thing, and on call with him when i was waiting for my bus to pick me and he was on the way home and as usual he's stuck coz of traffic jam! i miss those things much, and till now, i still do care about him.

i am planning to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight! Do you know why I love to watch Grey's Anatomy? it's just kinda reassuring to see that hotshot doctors are just people like us. Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey can be a hotshot surgeon but he is still a jerk HAHAHA but i got sudden call from jasper, asking me out for Percy Jackson's

this morning i was browsing John Mayer's Half Of My Heart video! one word 'SEXY' is completing him HAHA, the fact is HE HAS THIS ENDEARING BOYISH QUALITY ON HIS FACE, WITH THAT CURLY HAIR ON THAT CUTE FACE, DON'T FORGET DIMPLE ON HIS CHEEK! perfecto! NYUMS

thanx to ika!! this afternoon, i was thinking bout his tattoo written my name on his tummy! then she told me tattoo = commitment AND here comes good words : Commitment is a funny thing! It's almost like getting a tattoo. You think and you think and you think before you get one. And once you get one, it sticks to you hard and deep! THANKS IKA! me heart this

heyy, i wrote this blog when i was on my way back to Medan from Siantar! i miss Siantar! i miss tiffany when i was going to Siantar! i spent my childhood a lot there, it's long time ago and when we were heading to Prapat, we always stop at Awai's for having mie pangsit! HEART YOUUU

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Minggu, 14 Februari 2010 @ 07.46
nothing but HAPPY
dropped by to greet happie CNY, happie v-day :) it's been a long time that i do hate my valentine days, hmm :(

i am happie when i saw every couple showed their happiness! they got a bouquet of flower, HAHA :) happie for mary.. she got nice watch from superOTOT! for giegie and my sprlvs, i am happie both of u had a colorful v-day!

okay, and me?? shitty surprise when he sent me ticket fly to Jakarta!! :) it was 13th March and i wonder how could i fulfill it! maybe, i won't go :P

last nite, he read my PM written IDHV, he knew that i do hate valdays.. he called, telling me tomorrow (which means today) i won't hate valdays anymore! and morning 14th Feb he called and HE PLAYED ME MY FAV SONG :D me likey his surprise!!

for my CNY, happie to meet all my families.. hunting for red pockets! hahaha :D not much but i love the atmosphere!! coz maybe, next year i can't feel this togetherness anymore! ipho will moved to Jakarta :( Wanlie will study aboard to Taiwan HIKSHIKS!!

and again, happie when me, daddy, mommy, nyo and ken having lunch and dinner together! it's precious, i hope we won't stay apart any longer more! :)

p.s : i miss phopho and kungkung, i hope they are smiling up in the sky, watching and taking care of me :) heart both of you always, granny and gramps!!

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Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010 @ 03.05
no such thing
yeah i have been a bad blogger! SORRY :( busy like bee lately and it's pretty tiring! people keep asking me, why am i changing? i don't feel any changes (!) or i just don't realize :P then i keep saying weathers do change too, and so do i :)

*sigh* i feel pissed off last thursday! alex still on his pout, and i feel pissed when we keep arguing! and when i act 'up to you and leave him' he told me that i am such an ignorant one :( again i feel bad towards him!

hey, here comes my wishlist for this coming CNY :
1. all the good things come to daddy, mommy, nyo and ken :)
2. people keep loving me the way i am :)
3. be better ahead :)
4. my proposal could be accepted.
5. alex's forgiveness and we never arguing again :( miss you badly
6. i want the used to MAO!
7. happiness around my corner and hope it will kiss my last year pain away :P
8. me and tiffany could meet each other ASAP! i miss her hihih :)
9. new worn-out black canvas shoes!!
10. buying Jasper new converse shoes with my name written with felt-tip marker on the canvas :D BRILLIANTE!

OKAY, it's 10! ENOUGH:)

i was shocked! HAHA! my sprlvs is now in relationship! and of course with giegie! *evil smile* there's something behind this story!! HAHAHA!

P.S : i met Jerry last Monday! he is tall and i am just look like petite monkey! :( hihihih, nice hang out huh? though it's a bit pumping my adrenaline! besides, i was off from office :P

okay, BYE now! i am about going to chat with Hendry now.. he is such a funny one :) and Alex too, hiksss :'(


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Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010 @ 17.57
peace of mind
i am on my time to write this blog again!! :D life's like busybee lately, and it's freaking hot too :(

last two days i have my time with darwin, steven, javier and elies! at first, elies can't join us coz she had her work to be overtime! ARGH, i miss her! but i got sudden call from her telling me that she can join us! and we are going to hit K2, yay! and we were singing like crazy dudes, we shouted like we owned the world! and when i sang, i din know why steven keeps laughing at me! GRRHHH!

from K2 then we were heading to nasi goreng surya!! my anaconda was starving to death!

RAWR! i found that i got B for my intermediate acc, nyehhehhehe! i still wondering do i have to hv my remedial? ah let's see!

saturday morning, i was fakktap!! morning call from a stranger started to haunt my sleep!! AGHERAMA! boohoo! jerrydog's was back to hometown! when he called, i thought that he was that morning-call-stalker!! WHAHAHA! i haven't met him yet, but soon i will :)

my saturday nite was gorgeous! jasper picked me at 6, and i have to wait for his shower, it took half an hour, wondering what was he doing inside? HAHAHA! effing boring then i wished to play with dodo and dodi, but they are not in his room! and we planned to go to petshop tomorrow, dodo dodi need treatment HAHA :d

yes, i went for legion movie last nite!! not really awesome, it is just so-so blehhh, it's hectic we watched 20.40 movie but we had our dinner at 20.30! nyehh!
after the movie, we went to Merdeka Walk just for hanging around! we met Hendry there, and i heart his tee :D hahahaha.. we were hanging around till 1 a.m! and we need to be home! thanks jasper, we had a great time and we still have a week time before you go to KL for your study :(

and i was confusing about tomorrow's plan =.= haiz

bye now!!

p.s : still i got no forgiveness from Alex :( i thought that i always forgive ppl but why it's hard for me to have just one forgiveness
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Selasa, 02 Februari 2010 @ 21.38
asking for forgiveness is not easy
in this meeting room, i spared my little time to update my blog!! :)

too much to tell! yesterday, i started my day with daddy's in front of the tivo.. watching Metro TV! it's so long time ago since the last time i saw this moment!! precious <3

when i reached office, lots of things are awaiting me! it's deadline *BEEP*

i got an sms from darwin, asking me to have dinner at Asia Mega Mas, we are going to eat crabs with steven too!! YIPPEE YAY! i just can't wait the clocks turned into 7!

yaaa, it's amazing when u saw the crabs were served hot and fresh on the table and i can't wait to grab them! we have some fun in raping the crabs!

again, it's hard to ask forgiveness from Alex, oh gosh he's damn angry! HIKSHIKS! and yesterday i gave him morning tweets, he replied me : gw mase mara sama loe dugong! HUAA! it's been 3 days, and i was fed-up! maybe i got some ideas, i'll try to make him forgive me! :P

okay, time's up and i have to have my lunch! smell youuu :)
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