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Minggu, 28 Maret 2010 @ 04.55
effing bored!
lately, i was so messed-up with my life! just feel that i have to find a place damn far away just for relaxing! in my mind : Jungle :P hihihi

told you guys, i was pretty busy this few weeks! it's been so hectic! remembering that i am now working at office, that purchasing department just drive me crazy! i keep dealing with numbers, which i am not really good at it! besides, numbers is not my cup of tea!!

but so thankful, that i can finish my deadline ASAP! it's almost the end of month. and means that i am about going to have my money soon!

WAKS! i miss Jasper badly. if you read this, drop me a message! ur connection was so lame lately! makes you hard to go ONLINE! MISS MISS YOU YOU ALOT!

highly recommended movie : 3 idiots, me heart Rancho!!! All iz Well :)

:) kiss XO.
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