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Kamis, 04 Maret 2010 @ 08.24
wishing candle
wishing candle. it's 14th march, yes it's my born day too :P i can't wait to attend that 'wishing candle' event with megs and melissa :D though i haven't got the tix yet.

a little time, many things to do. ah hate this! tons of docs are now on deadline, ya i blamed my unconsciousness. i have no enough sleep this late 3 days! haiz. i need Xanax

hey, how do you all differ happy face and happy but hurt inside face? yeah, i can perfectly show my face in two ways. it hurts the most when u have to act 'I AM OKAY' ahh.

and the good things : tomorrow i am going to watch Alice in wonderland :) yay me!!

p.s : he played me lifehouse last nite, touched me! but enough to that limits, i was just touched.

i love Joshua Radin :D :D :D

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insomnia hits me hard twitter brings lots of fun not a fan of long-goodbye so-called nostalgia nothing but HAPPY no such thing peace of mind asking for forgiveness is not easy HEARTLESS (!) WEEKEND!!