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Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010 @ 22.00
twitter brings lots of fun
speaking of twitter, i am now so into twitter! it brings me bunch of info.. i don't need morning newspaper. i can read through kompas, lintas berita etc :)

the good things are : i can tell lots of secret there, since there's not much people are twittering! most people are still using facebook :) and i think people are now moving to twitter! and i am welcoming all tweeples, tweethearts, and tweetroes :D

enough for twitter! this coming week, there's still another goodbye to tell, daddy will go back to mothertown, ARGH the thing is i can't send him to airport :( i hate goodbye!

last thursday, i had a so-called non-dating thing with Edy (i used to have a date with him last two years) and last thursday, he was asking me to have dinner with him. and i think i always have a soft spot for men who know how to make sweet little gestures, he tried to put my little bangs to my ears when i was eating :) and he was holding my hand, not the i'm-gonna-help-you-cross-the-street holding hand or hurry-uo-it's-raining holding hand but it's holding hand holding hand! NYEHH, i was just look like idiot if i still holding his hand, i took my hand away from his palm :)

i have no plan putting myself into relationship this year! i've experienced that Mr.Right can totally turning into Mr. Totally Wrong (tea for two) haha :D

and there's no turning back :)

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not a fan of long-goodbye so-called nostalgia nothing but HAPPY no such thing peace of mind asking for forgiveness is not easy HEARTLESS (!) WEEKEND!! just drop by! i miss daddy!