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Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009 @ 21.47

and i've just take a look at mao and miko's picture of their funtrip yesterday!! it's precious when i can see their happie smile thereee.. hahahahaha and i totally laugh at their innocent face! too happie i can see those pure smile >,< i love this both pic lots

this morning, i wake up early.. geez, I AM HUNGRY coz last night i just have my mom's redbean soup!!! what a bad starting day huh?

hahahaha.. and today i am going to check for alex's news!!!! where is he?? it's been two days since we last chat.. punch him soon!!! i think he's run out of money on his cellphone.. as always!!

.epe - chinatic.
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Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009 @ 10.16
just drop by!
today is just like yesterday! hahahaha =) not a very good day actually but i had a great chat with alex, miko, and alice as usual! and so happy when cecil nudge me.. it's been a long time when we last met 6 years ago! hahahaha

hmmm.. me and bajuri's plan for today was being canceled coz she got headache! haiizz too bad.. so we planned to watch GI Joe this thursday! =)

oh yeah, i got a very very classic video from coldplay! uh how much i love coldplay!!!!! hahhahaha i'll post it later! hhahahaah

that's for today!


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Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009 @ 09.31
i miss daddy!

just three words for you paa, i miss you! hikksss.. everyday! i am just a daddy's little girl who need a hug when she need it.. =(

i can understand why u stay far away from us, just because for our sake.. thanks a lot! i write this with tears in my eyes..

i really miss when u brush my teeth, comb my hair, and drive me everywhere i want to go.. and when i can't sleep at night and scared things wouldn't turn out right, you would hold my hand.. i miss that things..

it's just about distance.. thanks for everything! keep wishing we won't stay apart again like this.. what we called family is when papa, mama, evelyn, lisa, ken are being together!

i love you papa! deeply..


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Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009 @ 04.15
i realize
today, i realize.. there's nothing goes instant.. it needs process!!

it's just because that i am too desperate of nothing goes well..

hope i can get thru this.. can't wait any longer to get my precious back!!

anyway, happie birthday my great lovely pho-pho.. always wish u got a better place there.. and u really got special place in my heart.. love u as always..

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Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009 @ 09.13
make me smile!

it's been hard today.. i have to wake up early to acc mommy to buy daily needs! and i am extremely freezing in this morning! it's been so cold out there.. and finally tarraaaa.. i got flu! hardly braethe huh haa huuh haa.. =(

and my pimples is getting better i hope! huhuhhuh.. i hate them when they are in the size of jupiter! hahaha,, i never can get used to it!

here comes my new editing!

it's late at night now! and mommy keep yelling at me.. byeeee

warm hug,

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Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009 @ 05.40
geez, just woke up from my sleep! tired and fall asleep.. screw you elies, who woke me up with her call! hahaha love u.. what a piggy..

actually, in this 7.30 p.m i am not laying on my bed and writing this blog, and i am at 21 now watching monster vs aliens movie! yap, this movie sounds old school for them who have watched it!!

but, unfortunately we got our plan to be cancel.. coz some of them are busy, and some are still having test.. hahahaha

i got a long chat with alex, and finally my forgiveness is worthed! hahahaha and it's pleasure too that finally i got alice's news.. i think she's disappear!! hahahahah.. love u liceeee..

blahh!! wish i got my face cleaned ASAP! it's never been like this before, fufuffuufu..

and to hardy lie hahahaha.. show me your spirit!!! just so you know, i do miss the used to hardy!! it's not really you a month lately.. yaaaa.. spend just a little time for your ownself.. goodluck then!!

12 Aug 09
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Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009 @ 01.00
not a very busy day ☺
my first blog ever!! =) just finished my lunch.. thanks mum, i really mouth-watering when i look at my lunchbox! hmm, i am really starving to death! it's really hard to get through this afternoon when u are hungry!

in the middle of my working time, i need to refresh my mind.. maybe a little chat or laughter is more than enough.. hahahahha, but maybe everyone is still busy on themselves

damn!! at 5 p.m i've got to attend my remedial class for accounting advance at campus!! i've been so lazy of this thing.. since i am on my long holiday! =) hahahaha.. but have to, coz last semester i got D for it.. screw the instructor!!

i miss to call him papa.. i can stand to meet papa this september =( daddy's little girl miss daddy a lot ♥♥♥♥♥

oops,, bye! i must rush to campus.. it's almost 4 p.m!! office - campus = 1 hour time.. KYAAAA!! hectic..

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