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Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010 @ 17.45
new Hello for Goodbye.
it's been a long time. and i know i'm a bad bad blogger. but life ain't treated me so good lately. let's say : killing 8-5 working hours and continued with class time.

i am excited welcoming last month. just because Tiffany, my besties (the one i used to spend my childhood life with) she's coming to hometown!! we had our so-called 'escaping life' time :) and i was about thanking her coz i knew lotsa new friend(s) from her!! *mei, u know them* HAHAHAHA! so long and will meet you pretty soon in 3 months time!

and hey i found a quote :
your love is color, it's sparkling and everything else is just black and white(special dedication : NOT YOU anymore, but there's another YOU)

last June was everything about you. i need a year time to delete our 'me-you' things but not the sweet memories, it's all sweet with you. but i just need another HELLO for my GOODBYE! it's been a year! a confession for you : still love your superelectrical voice (just that)

guess what i am thinking lastnite : having a full series of Sex and The City serials!! i will i will i will.

kiss and hug,
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