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Rabu, 31 Maret 2010 @ 04.10
new friends.
making new friends is really my things!! :D

from meggie and mary, i know this yosely and vivianly :) hahahaha we really have things in common! yeah book eater :) everytime i miss to have just simple tweets with them :D

we are so sure to meet each other and hang around for Froyo! can't wait any longer till Friday comes. :)

finally Jasper Muliadi got his won twitter!! me happy to death! hahahaha, rubbish talk! mishu mishu my buddy :)

and for mikoooo, miss our late night chat!! gimana gundamnya miko? :P

i have finished my Glee Cast dvds, and now waiting for the 2nd season! why it takes so long? :C

kiss and hug,
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