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Senin, 01 Maret 2010 @ 10.16
insomnia hits me hard
tragic! ah. he used to be my Xanax but now he is my insomnia. what on earth am i thinking about? ah. did i just spit out something bout him again?? i don't even can get rid of him :'(

what is good about avoiding question? or just to play safe. so we don't have to quarrel? hmm. i just need to have all-of-the-confusing-mind to be solved! so we can start our so called 'just-friend' crap! ah, here comes tears

i've shared everything with you. and i think i won't share my tears to you anymore (i wonder do i still have tears left?)

on a phone call, singing together, laughing together, crying together, i am on your motorbike, holding hands, your arms around me. those are one blink in a lifetime!! thanks.

we were falling apart!


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