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Sabtu, 13 November 2010 @ 06.48
cyberworld in this era.
howdy :)

replying Aiai's big question : 'What if my Jendral got twitter?'

two words : stop tweeting! or else, make a new account :)
if that happens maybe I should really keep my every single word. HAH, via twitter, they will know what am i doing all day. and simply said, they will find out my sleeping time is such a mess. cause, to be admitted i tweet a lot late at night. and for heaven's sake, they have thought that i'm a good girl who gets 10:00 PM - 07:00 AM sleeping hours, which is totally wrong!

what am i doing when i get into my room at 10:00 PM? i do a lot of chatting via messenger. do a lot of conferences with others, i can make 5-8 tabs in my messenger. and i really call it 'multitasking'. HAHAHA :D

oh and this seems not suitable with the topic above, so basically there's always 'what if my popskie and momskie got twitter' thought in my mind. and that's the worst thing that can happen anytime in this cyberworld new era. which every oldie is just too curious about what's new on this tu tausen and ten era!

i beg to every oldman in this world, don't be too kaypoh to get a twitter account! you guys better get your old compact disc and play it in your room instead of kaypoh-ing your new twitter account!

with all respect,
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